We named our restaurant Mozaic because we wanted to capture the diversity of flavors and culmination of authentic Mediterranean dishes that we offer. We bring together the best of Mediterranean recipes from Greece, Lebanon, Turkey and Sicily, emphasizing Middle Eastern influence.

Our menu is hand-crafted after years of experience in the restaurant business knowing what people like. We make every dish completely authentic, utilizing 100 years old techniques that have been passed down through generations to bring you incredible flavor.

Come and taste the difference

We seek only the best, local ingredients.  We use high-quality meats, like our Australian lamb tenderloin and select only sustainable seafood. Our lavash comes from an authentic Persian bakery. 

Everyone wants family. Mozaic is a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone can feel at home.  Come enjoy our incredible and lush atmosphere.  We are excited to offer Belly Dancing throughout the week.


Where we come together